The BIG Opportunity in Nottingham: Fintech and Big Data Analytics

I recently wrote a blog called “Northshore” to Nottingham? in which I outlined the top 10 reasons businesses should choose to locate their contact centre & back office operations in Nottingham.

Continuing with this theme, I am now going to highlight why big data analytics and fintech businesses in particular should give serious consideration to making Nottingham their new home.

BIG Data. BIG Names. BIG Expertise

Nottingham is home to the UK Headquarters of data giant Experian who employ thousands of people in the City and bring a wealth of data analytical experience with them. Their presence has acted as a magnet for other global organisations and played a direct influence on Capital One and Ikano Bank’s decision to establish their headquarters in the city centre. TDX Group began life as a spin out from former Capital One employees and is now also an established name in the City.

Invest in Nottingham receive a continual supply of potential inward investors that are all keen to take advantage of the data analytics talent pool this cluster of global businesses attracts from far and wide.

Recently voted in the top 8 cities in the UK that people in tech want to work, Nottingham provides the skills you need for your business.

Accelerate with Nottingham

A £40m Blenheim Chalcot development covering 5 floors, Accelerate Nottingham tech hub ‘Nottingham’s equivalent of Silicon Roundabout in London’ will fully open its doors in summer 2016 with a primary focus on fostering a culture of creativity and collaboration among small, high growth-potential fintech businesses. Already occupied by BizFiTech, Sequensis & HD Decisions, the tech hub has a queue of businesses eagerly hoping to join.

What’s more, only in May 2016 Capital One announced the launch of their Growth Labs initiative fintech accelerator programme based at their Nottingham HQ for early-stage tech start-ups and high growth companies.

To benefit from a fast growing cluster of like-minded fintech businesses, there hasn’t been a better time to be located in Nottingham.

European Award Winning Creative Quarter

Global organisations and fintech hubs are great but businesses need more from their environment to truly thrive. Nottingham’s European award winning Creative Quarter means that you can be situated in the heart of something truly unique. Based in the historic Lace Market, this area is host to an array of outstanding digital & creative businesses such as App Institute, Impression Digital, Defacto Design and Confetti Media. Surrounded by independent shops, restaurants and bars in Hockley – many of the City’s frequent tech meetup and hackathon events take place in this area. In Nottingham, Inspiration is never far away.

These assets, combined with Nottingham’s affordability and accessibility, mean that the City really does represent a unique opportunity to fintech and data analytics businesses.

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